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Friday, December 19, 2014

Proposed car ban on Maungawhau (1)

On 1 December the Maunga Authrority agreed in principle to extend a 2011 ban on buses driving to the summit of Maungawhau to all vehicles.

FoM believes that cars should be banned from the summit for two main reasons: firstly, so that the cultural landscape is preserved; and, secondly, for reasons of safety and enjoyment.
Smash and grab

The existing road was never built for the traffic loads that it now carries. The summit, instead of being a place of quiet to contemplate the superb views out to the twin harbours and beyond, is full of noise and polluting cars.

The congestion creates safety issues. People on foot have to negotiate the summit area as cars move in and reverse out of parking spaces. Without cars the summit will be a much safer place for all to enjoy. The ability to drive up to the summit encourages anti-social and criminal behaviour which deters those who want to enjoy the views and beautiful space that is the maunga.

As said so well by the editor of the Travel section of the NZ Herald on 9 December 2014 (see below), the issue is parks, not car parks.

Maungawhau is one of Auckland's iconic volcanic cones
. They are considered worthy of World Heritage status, but are not treated with the respect they deserve. Other places of historical and cultural importance do not have car parks plonked on top. Why should Maungawhau?

A final decision on the proposed car ban will be taken at the April 2015 meeting of the Maunga Authority. Access for those with restricted mobility will be part of the decision and implementation process.

We invite you to read the following letters and opinion pieces from the media and FoM members

NZ Herald editorial: Ending vehicle access plus for volcano visits, 4 December 2014
Brian Rudman: Leave the car and listen to the tui
12 December 2014

Central Leader, 10 December 2014
NZ Herald, 4.12.14

NZ Herald, 5.12.14

1 comment:

  1. Allow Cars Up Mt Eden
    People of all ages and fitness levels should be able to enjoy the views from the summit by freely driving up, it’s another part of enjoying Auckland life.
    The Friends of Maungawhau-Mt Eden are local property owners who want to turn the Mount into their own local private park. They know once cars are banned visitor numbers will drop significantly because the slopes will only attract keen walkers and hikers, not all those ‘other people’. They will have successfully annexed the area for their own leisures. Lovely for those who could afford to buy on the slopes and in leafy surrounds of Mt Eden.
    Many of us like to take overseas visitors up the Mount when they arrive in Auckland – it’s the perfect introduction to this city with it’s big 360 degree views – amazing! We love driving up with children and finding a spot for a birthday picnic – they won’t want to trudge up carrying the chilly bin.
    All the concerns the Friends of Maungawhau are trivial; damage, anti-social behaviour, cultural issues, pedestrian safety – it’s all exaggerated and made up to support their petty agenda.
    The Maunga Authority was formed just a few months ago to ‘administer’ the volcanic cone, but there’s only one item on their agenda – they want to limit your freedom to enjoy: they’re lobbyists who want to assert their private mandate – tell them NO!