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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Successful planting day at Auckland Grammar School

The AGS planting day on Sunday went very well, beautifully organised by Mary Stewart and Roseline Klein, and supported by teacher Max Thomson and his brother Alistair. Steve Flynn (Habitat Restoration) who did the spraying, attended as a volunteer, bringing his trailer to ferry the plants to the site. Over 30 people came, most of them students, and did great work under Mary's guidance, with her colleagues Michael Ngatai and Rowena Gilchrist in support, all unpaid.
FOM was represented by Jean, Keith, Alistair and April, and FoM's general support was acknowledged. Jeremy and Dorothy came but we sent them home as there were plenty of volunteers already. Typically, they didn't go straight home but stopped off to get some madeira vine across the road.

Work went really well with all 500 plants in the ground by 11:30am, after which everybody was happy to wait for the pizzas to be delivered. The occasional shower was appreciated by the plants, if not the people. Plants are: coprosma, kanuka, flax and mahoe.The AGS website also has a report and more photos.

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