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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love Your Mountain Day: Just two weeks away!

Scary but true! Love Your Mountain Day is on Sunday 9 December. We're fine-tuning and updating our programme for the day. Check it out here.
Please pass on our poster.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sign language

Jean and Keith have been labelling some of the plants in our Batger Quarry work area: red for weeds, yellow for small native plants, and white for native trees. 

The labels, obtained through a grant from the Albert-Eden Local Board, include common, botanical and Maori names - and on some, a few words of explanation.

Mary Stewart from Biosecurity, Auckland Council, joined us on 30 October, to arrange to take away the madeira vine infestations that Jeremy had discovered and removed from Tahaki Reserve. That's Mary, behind Jean.

Jean writes: "There are more labels to come, this was just the first batch. Would you believe we struggled to find a good patch of tradescantia – ended up carefully weeding a little area of everything but tradescantia, to make it stand out."
We'll be labelling more plants in the quarry area, in preparation for a guided walk led by Kit Howden as part of Love Your Mountain Day.