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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get 'em off!

There wouldn't be any need for 'security' patrols if all vehicles were banned from the summit. A ban would eliminate the theft problem and protect the maunga from this kind of idiocy. What puzzles us is why the vehicle was on the summit in any case. Isn't the gate on Mt Eden Rd supposed to be closed at 11pm? What if this had happened in summer, and the car had caught fire?


  1. I don't understand - surely if there's a crime problem and you move the vehicles off the summit this only serves to relocate the problem, not eliminate it. As the occupants will be away from their vehicles, this would actually increase the crime opportunity
    Also, why do you call the car in the crater idiocy? I'm sure this was an unintentional accident. I understand that the driver had stopped to help another car, hardly reason for you call him an idiot.

    1. Smash-and-grab robberies are common on the summit. We've seen them happen and victims have contacted us for help. Unsuspecting tourists don't think to take all their valuables with them when they hop out to take a photo. If visitors had to leave their cars at the bottom of the maunga, they'd presumably take more precaution against theft. Certainly there'd still be a risk, but less so.
      I apologise for the "idiocy" remark. It seems it was an accident, as you say. But let's see what the investigation comes up with.

  2. It is such a shame that this has happened. As Kit said in the central leader (4th July) make people walk! If cars were banned from the summit it wouldn't have happened.