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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Where is the community input to parks strategy?

On Tues 12th June the Parks, Recreation and Heritage Forum of Auckland Council will consider two reports affecting volunteer work and the future of the volcanic cones. Doesn't encourage community input.
Ecological Prioritisation for Waitemata Local Board
• Draft Auckland Council Parks and Open Spaces Strategy

Had a quick look and while good stuff and great words, very general and the reality of getting it done is not fully considered. In other words, very top-end planning – and maybe too “planese” – remote from public engagement. Does not deal well with conservation versus recreation conflicts on limited parks resource.

PLEASE WRITE TO COUNCIL: That key community groups such as the Friends of Regional Parks (FOR Parks) and F&B and FoM etc be consulted as part of the next consultation process. There may be an over-emphasis with the CCOs having too great an input into the process, without it balanced with community groups having an input.

Kit Howden
Chairperson, Friends of Maungawhau

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  1. I'm surprised organisations like FOR Parks and FoM are not included in the planning process from the outset. Here's the schedule:

    July and August: "Officers will be seeking feedback...from CCO’s, including ATEED, 21 Local Boards, Mana Whenua and Mataawaka. Officers will also seek feedback from key external stakeholders, such as Department of Conservation and NZ Historic Places Trust". Plus they'll have workshops for the Forum, not for the public.

    September: Officers report back to the Forum.

    "Wider public engagement on the draft parks and open spaces strategy will occur in October 2012. The final parks and open space strategy document will be completed by December 2012"

    The report talks of encouraging Aucklanders to take "ownership" of their parks and open spaces. This may be another word for "responsibility" or "stewardship", which we volunteers already assume. That role should ensure that we have a voice and right to be heard. At the outset, not at the end.