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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meeting at Newmarket School

Here we have Ian, Sonya, Kat and April meeting to discuss Social Media options for the Friends of Maungawhau website and blog.
We threw around some ideas for the blog, and talked about ways to make it more user friendly and accessible. Tools such as Twitter and Facebook were looked at with the intention that in using these, we can connect to a larger audience more efficiently and effectively.
As we were meeting at Newmarket School, we had three visitors (Odette, Eilleen and Virginia) come to share a little about what the children (and staff) are working towards in their school in terms of media. Currently, some students are preparing to create a short film about the Maunga with original music. We look forward to hearing more about this as it evolves.

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  1. Thank you, Sonya and Kat. Great to think we'll reach potential volunteers through our blog site, and generate interest in Maungawhau. It was lovely to visit #Newmarket School with its backdrop of pohutukawa trees and view over the city.